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About Us

The genius behind our gorgeous cakes comes directly from

the Queen of Buttercream Art

Maha Muhammed Said.

This resident Buttercream artist is completely self-taught with none of the limitations that having professional certifications can have. Instead, our artist's imagination is limitless with all of nature being her muse.

The Beginning of Arty Cakes

The original inspiration for our artist Maha Muhammed, to begin decorating cakes, came from her son who desperately wanted a custom designed birthday cake for his special day. Maha decided that she would try her hand at creating the cake herself. Her creation so impressed the guests at her son’s  party that she was inspired to establish Arty Cakes in 2010.


In just a few years, Maha’s reputation as a skilled natural artist garnered international attention. 


Being entirely self-taught after quickly discovering her talent for complex cake decoration which is as much art as baking. She has been called the “Monet of Cakes” and the "Queen of Buttercream Art" by her fans or as she call them flowers, and has won Golden Awards and first place accolades at Cake International, The UK's leading cake decorating & baking show. Maha was chosen by a renowned Master Chef in Manchester to teach him her work. He described her as the best buttercream cake designer.


The famous English artist Harold Riley also visited one of Maha’s exhibitions, describing her as an “artist born with a natural talent”. Harold also spent time at the Arty Cakes stand drawing Maha’s daughter, he was so impressed by the work of a fellow artist.

One of Maha's loved claims to fame was the order from Helene Hadfield, wife of Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield. The Hadfield’s daughter has been a fan for a long time and they flew her to Manchester for an Arty Cakes class as a birthday treat which she was just thrilled with. Helene Hadfield also ordered Arty Cakes creations ahead of their UK trip for the BBC Stargazing Live show so they would have them on arrival. Helene, Chris and the Stargazing cast loved the cakes enormously.


Inspired by Nature

Maha Muhammed is a passionate soul who is in tune with the harmony of nature. Her love of plants, flowers, birds and animals has inspired her to create breath taking lifelike designs. Her delicious cakes are decorated with realistic frosted flowers and leaves that are kissed with the moist mist of morning dew. Her rose covered cupcakes inspire the beholder to smell the air to check if it is a budding blossom! Maha’s flair for design is matched by her creative imagination and truly inspired by the wonders of the world.


Unlimited Designs

There are no restrictions to Maha Muhammed’s artisan cake creations. Her expertise and artistry ensures that you can enjoy divinely delicious cake, with melt in the mouth, intricately detailed frosting, in whatever customised design you are able to imagine.

Maha’s love of art is evident in every Arty cake. The unique results are almost too beautiful to eat. Each cake is hand-decorated and shows an incredible attention to detail that exceeds all expectations.


Imagination, Creativity, Originality and Passion are the ingredients that Maha mixes up to create her bespoke unlimited designs.

Arty Cakes have been commissioned for people and celebrities across the world and orders have been received by many worldwide visitors to the UK including from the UAE, Europe, USA, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Australia.


Inspiring Other Artists

Maha’s informal professional training has inspired her to encourage and motivate other artists all around the globe. As the first and leading buttercream artist of her kind, Maha travels internationally and provides comprehensive and hands-on instruction to enthusiastic classes of students.


To find out more about the art of creating awe-inspiring detailed buttercream designs and specialty cakes, please visit our Classes page to view our upcoming Master Cake courses.

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