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Where did you learn your cake artistry?

I’m completely self taught, and have never attended any cake or art courses. I strongly believe that I am naturally blessed with this talent and creativity.

Where are you located?


Do you have a retail location or bakery?

No, I create my edible art in a commercial kitchen, and work by appointments only.

How soon prior to my event should I place my order?

For a small celebration cake or a dozen cupcakes, you will need to place your order a minimum of 5-7 days in advance. During holiday seasons such as Eid, Christmas, etc. it’s always better to place your order  10-14 days in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Wedding and large special occasion cakes required a minimum of 30 days when available, but to ensure availability and time for consultation and the design process, I recommend you place your order 2 to 3 months prior.

Do you have “ready made” cakes?

Freshness, quality and originality are cornerstones of our success. Therefore, all of our cakes are custom made, to order specifications. Arty Cakes does not pre-make cakes or cupcakes.

Can you copy/duplicate a cake that I like from Pinterest or another baker?

As an award-winning cake and buttercream artist, I can speak from experience when I say that a design is a personal creation and should be treated like intellectual property, just as a photograph or piece of art would be. We have created many unique and “first of it’s kind” designs, only to have them poorly duplicated with no credit to the original developer of the design or decorating style.  Having said that, I am willing to review your desired look to determine feasibility.

Arty Cakes is known for bespoke creations and original designs. However,  I always strive to incorporate the desired style, flavour and concept of the client into the design of the cake/cupcakes without copying another’s design.  Through creative collaboration with our clients, and personalizing each aspect of our edible art designs, the result is a delicious, fresh and unique cake/cupcake that is tailored to your specifications and desires.  No two cakes are designed exactly the same, each cake is unique, as we believe that each customer deserve his own unique cake.

Where does your inspiration come from?

When I first started I decided not to copy any existing cake designer's work, as life has plenty of things we can all be inspired by. Nature is my main source of inspiration. There’s an abundance of beauty available everywhere you look! I can be inspired by a vase of fresh flowers, a beautiful pillow design, a dress or a painting.


I made the decision on the first day of opening my business to establish a name that would be known globally for originality, creativity, taste, innovation and dedication.


I am a huge art lover, and there are many very talented artists whom I admire - Thomas Kinkade, Susan Rios, John Sloane and many more. Their beautiful oil painting work has inspired me to recreate some of their paintings in edible treat form.

Can others copy your designs?

Whilst it’s flattering that baking enthusiasts and hobbyists should want to copy my designs, true creativity is inspired by imagination. Why copy the work of others’ when you can explore your creativity and passion in your own unique way?

Arty Cakes designs are legally protected, as well as our logo, slogan, website content and graphics therefore, Arty Cakes does not accept any violation of these rights. Legal proceedings will be pursued if any of the above are copied or reproduced or used under any circumstances. 

هل يجوز استنساخ اعمال وتصاميم  ارتي كيكس سواء للهواة او اصحاب العمل في مجال صناعة الكيك؟

لا يجوز اطلاقا لان اعمال ارتي كيكس هي تجسيد لأفكارها وهذه الأفكار تكون مسجلة ومحمية دوليا بحقوق الملكية الفكرية لذلك فان اي تجاوز في هذا الامر وغيره كاستنساخ او تقليد رمز او شعار الشركة او محتوى الصفحة سيتم متابعته وملاحقته قانونيا مما قد يترتب عليه عقوبات ووكيلنا القانوني المختص سيقوم بمتابعة هذه الأمور بمجرد إبلاغنا له.

What is the minimum order for cupcakes?

The minimum order for muffin/standard size floral bouquet cupcakes is a quantity of 6.

Other designs have a minimum quantity of 12.

Mini cupcakes, in any design, have a minimum quantity of 12.

Do you deliver?

Deliveries are available Nationwide. Manchester based deliveries will personally be carried by Arty Cakes, however deliveries outside the Manchester area will be arranged through a courrier. The delivery fee is calculated according to distance from our home base of operations to the designated destination.

In terms of freshness, how many days prior to delivery do you make your cakes/cupcakes?

Freshness and quality are just as important to me as the designs and taste!  I always bake and decorate my cakes the day prior to an event/delivery date for a single cake, or up to two days prior to the event/delivery date for multi-layer/tiered cakes.

The process of baking, and decorating is a long process, and requires the ingredients to be fresh and pliant. For this reason, I never freeze or store cakes for days on end.

Do you offer internationl shipping for your cakes/cupcakes?

Unfortunately, Arty Cakes cannot control the handling, or transportation of any international shipments and therefore does not offer this particular service. Arty Cakes is only available through local and nationwide delivery in the UK, or customer pick up in person – coordinated in advance.

Why don’t you have a price list for your cakes?

Each of my edible art baked goods is just that…Art.  With varying degrees of difficulty in designs and details, multiple flavors, sizes, and special instructions, it is impossible to put the same pricing on each one.  I am happy to provide you a quote based on your specific needs and requirements through our Quote Form.

Do you offer gluten/diary-free and/or egg-free cakes?

At this time, I don’t. Arty Cakes’ flavor is rich, sumptuous and savory. I use the finest ingredients to produce our unique flavors, and feel this is best achieved using traditional dairy and sugar based products.

Do you work with only Buttercream, or can you use other kinds of icing like fondant, or fresh cream?

There is no “out of the box” or “out of the jar” ingredients in terms of my icings.  All Arty Cakes are adorned with my VERY OWN HOME MADE Buttercream, which is one of the foundations of my reputation. The majority of my clients have stated it is the best Buttercream they have ever tasted!

How can I place an order?

Order can be placed either by phone at +44 7545421622, or by completing the online form HERE.

Do you make display cakes?

Yes, Arty Cakes is often approached to design and create faux/display cakes for Magazine, or publication photo shoots, Bridal events, country/outdoor weddings and other unique opportunities. Please inquire for pricing.

Is a deposit required when placing an order?

A 30% non refundable deposite is required for any order.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

– Balance is required in full and should be paid 5 days before the pick up.
– If an order is not picked up on the day of delivery or delivery is denied, the client is responsible for the remaining balance regardless.
– If a cancellation is made less than 3 weeks prior to the event for wedding cakes or large tiered special occasion cakes, the balance is due for 50% of the total cake price regardless.
– All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.
 If a cancellation is received, the aforementioned deposit will not be refundable.

Do you offer cakes/cupcakes for sale to public in small quantities?

I do offer standard cupcakes in a box of 4, and mini cupcakes in a box of 9, in different designs/flavours from time to time for those who would like to sample or just have a treat with their cup of tea.  Sign up for our newsletter, and keep your eyes open on our Facebook garden as availability is limited.  We will post these mini box advertisements a week before the pick-up date for booking and reserving; then they get baked and decorated a day before collecting.

Do you hold International classes in other countries?

The oppurtunity for professional canditates to host Arty Cakes internationally has been suspended for the previous three years, due to the owner, Maha, studying in Canada. Arty Cakes is back in England now and might be considering applications for international classes hosting, however we will take into consideration factors such as co-ordination of scheduales and time. For further details, please email Arty Cakes at:



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