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Rashel Rahman/ Birmingham

This cake was for my engagement. It was absolutely delicious. I can't Recommend Maha enough. She was incredibly professional and the design was exactly how I envisaged it. She brought my dream to reality and everyone was super impressed by the taste. 5* service.

Lorna Smart

Hi Maha, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my beautiful birthday cake. My fiancé Carl ordered it for me as a surprise and I was so amazed when I saw it.  I knew where it was from instantly having followed your work for a while and I couldn't have been happier. It's been my dream to have one of your cakes for a while. I wish I could have filmed my guests’ reactions too because everyone was stunned. The detail is amazing! Thank you once again. Best wishes, Lorna

Carl "Lorna's Fiancé": An absolutely outstanding work of Art. Thank you again Maha, I couldn't believe how fantastic this cake looked and tasted.

Tasneem Irshad

OMG!  I'm over the moon with the cupcakes Maha. I was expecting brilliance but they surpassed my expectations! Your pictures don't do justice to the cakes in real life. I made an 800 miles plus journey, partly because this was an opportunity to treat myself to your cakes - and it was worth every mile. Everyone is desperate to get their hands on them and try them but I want to keep them forever and just look at them. I wish there was a way to preserve them. Looking forward to the next time I can treat myself ;) oh and I don't usually like buttercream, but this is sublime! Not at all sweet. My husband and children singing you praise! Unfortunately, I have to share ;)

Kim Harrison

O.M.G. Maha, The cake tasted amazing. It was truly World Class. You impressed everyone and your business cards flew off the table. We cannot thank you enough. Truly amazing. Simply beautiful. Thank you and have a fantastic time with your family ❤️😊

Gillian Holmes/Manchester

Maha, this beautiful cake was an absolute triumph! It was so stunningly attractive that all my guests passed comment on it. When the time came to cut it and eat it, I can assure everyone reading this that it tasted as fabulous as it looks. The sponge was moist and absolutely delicious and the buttercream was mouth-watering tasty. Thank you Maha for your wonderful talent, dedication and expertise. This was the most wonderful cake I have ever had and it is true to say that I'm addicted to your cakes!

Wrka Al-radhi/Berlin

Well what can we say? It was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen and the most delicious wedding cake I will ever taste in my life!! And the best thing about it, is that, it was OUR CAKE!!  We are truly blessed to have you in our life, and we love you so much xxxxxxx

Helene Hadfield/Canada

Helene Hadfield | Managing Partner | Chris Hadfield Inc.:  Terrific Cupcakes for the Stargazing Live event: I hope that you had amazing success at the International Cake Show. I bet you took all the prizes! I’m happy to have you post any or all of the images – either yours or mine. Looking at the ones that you sent made my mouth water all over again for your beautiful and yummy cupcakes.

Leigh Chandler

Maha I don't know what to say first! You are the most wonderfully kind and talented person. When I had my first look at your cake, I was overcome with the beauty and perfection of it - I had to keep brushing the tears away so that I could look at the details on it. It is the most stunningly beautiful cake any of us have ever seen. Yesterday the birthday, we took Mum to Gleneagles Hotel for afternoon tea, then back to her home again where my brother in law and I put up banners, balloons, sparklers and other trimmings and we brought her into the room and presented her with your cake, tears poured down her cheeks as I knew they would and she could not believe what was in front of her. It is truly exquisite. And when she had to cut it, she couldn't bear to, so I told her that you would be very upset if we didn't eat it. We took dozens of photos and Mum invited her friend to join us. Mum reluctantly cut the cake and we all had a piece. We were in ecstasy over the flavour, the wonderful moist sponge and the perfect balance of the sponge to icing.  And such beautiful colours. I had wanted mum to have the best cake in the world and you made it happen. I thank you most sincerely for all you did, I know you went that extra mile for us.

Amira Taha

If Shakespeare ever tasted Maha's piece-of-art-cakes, his line would have been: "To eat or not to eat... That's the question". One is lost between the beauty and the taste, a true explanation and definition of "want to have the cake and eat it"....Maha is the most creative and talented cake maker in the world and I say this with full confidence. Her cakes are simply heavenly and you have never enjoyed the sensational pleasure of eating cakes until you eat Maha's cakes and cupcakes. Thanks Maha for introducing me to one of the most magical pleasures in life.

Melvyn Stuart Hackney/Manchester

The cakes were absolutely beautiful and tasted even better than they looked - which is hard to believe but true. They put the finishing touch to a great day. Melvyn/father of Stephanie the bride. Thank you so much - it was almost a shame to eat them as was your beautiful wedding cake.


Well Maha you reminded me of my childhood, we make similar cakes but your one tasted so good that Archie finished a whole slice. Everyone loved your attention to details. It tasted heavenly and the combination of the buttercream and moist sponge was just wonderful. Hope you create many more master pieces like this. Stay blessed. Ma sha ALLAH.

Ryan Forshaw

Maha is an extremely talented artist. I have seen many cake decorations over the years, but Maha's creations just blow me away. I can honestly say that these cakes taste just as amazing as they look.

Cass Glaves

OMG!! Maha, I am speechless at how beautiful the cake you have made for my mum's birthday is! The cake was divine and the taste was amazing. You are officially a cake genius, and I will DEFINITELY recommend your work. It was amazing. A true work of art and was admired by everyone. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!!

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