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A complete Buttercream Flowers course that is crammed with lots of piping and colouring techniques. 


This DVD will teach you the A-Z of Buttercream Floral Art, as it will show you how to make Arty Cakes secret, most delicious Buttercream recipe ( Not the very common Italain or American BC versions ), then you will get to learn how to pipe realistic flowers, such as Peony, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum just to name a few! This will be followed by a wide variety of greenery; learn how to pipe Evergreen bough, Water lily leaf, Basic fern, Edge leaves, and much more.


Master the Art of colouring and end the struggle you have with yellow butter, see how Maha mixes her colours to get realstic shades for her blooms.


Arty Cakes Buttercream Blooming Blossoms isn't a one day course that you spend £££ for, it's actually a lot cheaper and much better than one day classes, as it covers more points and teaches more techniques, and the best thing about it is that you can own and watch it unlimited times at anytime anywhere. So get ready to pipe your way to Success!


This DVD will include:

  • Making the most delicious and glossiest buttercream.
  • Piping over 10 delicate buttercream flowers right onto cupcakes and also using a flowers nail ( please see the flowers list on the DVD back cover ).
  • Piping different styles of greenery directly on the cake.
  • Choosing the right colours and how to mix them to get realistic shades for your piped flowers.
  • 4 PDF files for Buttercream recipe, colour mixing, Flowers and Greenery tips and kitchen conversions chart. 



    All orders will be shipped via regular mail ( shipping fee is included within the price). Delivery time could take 2-8 weeks depending on the country. No return offered.

  • The DVD will be in PAL and NTSC format. Check the back of any DVD film cover/case you have to know the format. Please choose the right version before placing your order.

    US and Canada ( NTSC)

    UK, Middle east, Australia, Malaysia (PAL) 

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