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Student Reviews

Murwa Al-Rubaie

I highly recommend this course. Maha is very talented, patient and puts you at ease when you struggle with anything. I enjoyed every minute of it! 


Yesterday as a much desired dream came true. After following Maha for 3 years, I was able to meet her at the class she so kindly came to the US to teach. As I walked in the door, she gently stood up and came towards me, honestly, it was all I could do to not start crying, it was more than being in her presence, it was a connection of souls. Her passion for this gift is beyond the creation of beautiful cupcakes and cakes. It is sharing from the deepest reaches of her heart and in that we are all blessed  far beyond frosting and cake. The love she puts into everything she does is pure, gentle and kind. I learned much more yesterday than how to make some really beautiful flowers. I actually became one!! Thank you Maha, you are in my heart forever!!!


Firstly, I want to thank you a million for giving me the opportunity to have such a great experience in buttercream art. The one day course was very very comprehensive and is worth every penny! The techniques were very well explained and each student was given complete attention without rushing through. The patient teacher that you are, you amazed me with all your dedication and hard work that you do and in trying to share all that you know with people like us without any inhibition. The one day with you is a dream come true for me!! Wish you more and more success in all that you do and it was a wonderful experience to spend a day with you! A lot to learn from you more than the buttercream art. Thanks a ton once again!

Andrea Worrell/USA

Oh. My. GOD. People, what an AMAZING time I had at Maha's class! I feel bad about the folks that couldn't make her class, and this isn't meant to make you feel worse. But for those of you about to take her next class, you have NO idea what a treat you're in for. If you are already excited, take it from someone who can now say, you have no idea how much fun you will have! Not only was the class amazing, and Kathy the hostess is a wonderfully friendly lady with an adorable shop, but Maha has got to be one of the most precious, beautiful, friendly persons I have ever met, inside and out. I wanted to clone Maha and keep her in the States. We were truly blessed to have her here. Thank you again so much Maha and to Kathy for getting you here.

Sajini Nedumaran

We had a wonderful day at Maha's. The lady full of talent and sheer brilliance. The course was very nicely organised and Maha was on her toes all day making sure our end product looked fabulous. The course was amazing and I would certainly recommend it to all aspiring cake decorators. I can't wait to be back for my next lesson xx thanks again Maha.

Ayesha Ismail

Thank you so much Maha, you were the most amazing teacher with so much patience. You helped me every step of the way to achieve a decorated cake I could only ever dream of making. Not only you create beautiful flowers, you are much more beautiful inside and out. A true inspiration. Thank you for everything today. xxx

Nadia Acherki/Egypt

It was one of the greatest courses I've ever taken with one of the best teachers ever. Maha thank you for being  sooooooooooooooo patient with all of us. And thank you for introducing us to the magic world of buttercream flowers.

Emma Claire Sheldon

I had the honour of attending one of Maha's Arty Cakes Master classes. It was fantastic experience! I have been following her Facebook page for a couple of years and never thought I would get the chance to attend one of her classes. There were 4 of us and she bravely held the class in her own house. She patiently spent the first half of the course teaching us how to pipe a variety of flowers with many practice sessions then we spent the second half decorating our cakes. We had opportunity to ask questions along the way. At the end we were all proud of our beautiful creations and received a pretty certificate and recipe booklet. Some may say it's a lot of money to pay for one day course but I think for the unique skills you learn and take away with you is well worth it. Learning these techniques can only be done properly in a face to face class in my opinion. Thanks Maha X


Maha, I just want to thank you for trying to teach me buttercream flowers yesterday. It was quite intensive but I learnt a lot from a great teacher! I wouldn't have wanted to learn buttercream flowers from anyone else. It was a great day and I appreciate your welcoming me into your home and being so patient. Best wishes, Lorien

Danelle Dykes/USA

I wanted to thank you once again for having such a wonderful class in Michigan, USA! I have followed you for years, only dreaming that I might one day be able to get to see your beautiful work in person and learn a thing or two from you as well. It is easy to see what a kind and a caring person you are after just a few minutes of meeting you! You were so patient and helpful, with just the right amount of sass to have fun! A beautiful person inside and out. Your work is not bad either! :) for me it was once in a life time chance that I'm so glad I did not miss out on! We all have our place on this earth. I think you have found your spot in the garden! Danelle (MN)

Helena Krikorian Zakharia/Lebanon

Maha is an amazing instructor. You leave her class informed, having learned her techniques, satisfied and happy!. She is lovely to work with. I recommend her to all those, who are interested in learning new techniques in cake decorating.

Lolo Rehman

I was very fortunate to attend one of Mahas classes and i must say she is a lovely lady with a heart of gold. Her teaching skills and patience was next to none. Its very difficult to be as creative as she is and i feel like going to another class of hers just because i enjoyed it. Honoured to be taught by the one and only Maha. Stunning creations at its best xx

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